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New Hand-Tracking Algorithm Could Be a Big Step in Sign Language Recognition

The developers have open-sourced their research in the hope that others will find creative ways of using it.August 20, 2019Several companies, like SignAll and Kintrans, have created sign language translation systems. While sophisticated systems, these are yet to go mainstream.The ultimate mission for these companies is to allow the millions of people that use sign language to easily communicate with anyone.
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MPT1327 Trunked Radio Standard

Private / Land Mobile Radio Includes:LMR / PMR basicsMPT1327TETRAP25DMRdPMRNXDNA trunked version of the Private Mobile Radio (PMR) concept that is defined under the standard MPT1327 or MPT 1327 is widely used and provides significant advantages over the simpler single station systems that are in use.
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Iannis Xenakis: the Engineer and Composer who Pioneered Electric Music

You might not know Iannis Xenakis, but if you& 39;ve ever listened to elecronic music, then he& 39;s probably had an effect on your life.Xenakis first started his career as an architectural draftsman before he pursued his true passion of becoming a composer. Xenakis was the first person in the world to develop stochastic music theory where he would base his compositions on mathematical sequences.
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