The US Is Running out of Fake Meat

The US Is Running out of Fake Meat

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Plant-based meat maker Impossible Foods announced on Tuesday that it was struggling to keep up with the demand for its product. Impossible Foods CFO David Lee told CNN Business that demand for Impossible products has more than doubled.


A Burger King deal

This is partially due to a Burger King deal introducing a meat-less version of its Whopper sandwich. After a St. Louis test of the Impossible Whopper went very well, the fast-food chain said it planned to sell the meatless burger in all its locations.

Impossible Foods released a statement saying that it "recognizes the inconvenience that this shortage is causing and sincerely apologizes to all customers, particularly those who have come to depend on the additional foot traffic and revenue that the Impossible Burger has generated."

Luckily the shortage is not from a lack of the ingredients used to make the plant-based meat. "We are facing short-term ramp-up challenges resulting from demand greatly outstripping supply," continued the statement.

Ramping up production

Impossible Foods is determined to keep up with demand. Lee further told CNN Business that the firm is "not sparing any expense" to upgrade its production.

Ths start-up is increasing the number of hours its Oakland, California, plant is open, hiring for a third shift and installing a second production line.

And with the Burger King deal on the way that is a good thing. The deal will essentially double the number of restaurants Impossible Foods works with.

There is a good reason for the meatless alternative's popularity. Impossible Burgers not only forego all the ethical concerns related to meat products; they also produce a fraction of the greenhouse gases. Now that is something we can sink our teeth in!

Watch the video: Meat Without Animals: The Future Of Food. Bruce Friedrich. TEDxGateway (July 2022).


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