Tesla's Vice President of Engineering, Steve MacManus, Has Left the Company

Tesla's Vice President of Engineering, Steve MacManus, Has Left the Company

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The Vice-President of interior and exterior engineering of Tesla cars, Steve MacManus, has left the American electric automotive company.


Little to nothing has officially been disclosed, but one thing is clear, Steve MacManus no longer works at Tesla.

No known information about where MacManus will work moving forward has been commented on publicly, nor has there been any information as to why he has left.

Email account no longer operating

MacManus himself has yet to make any comments on the matter, but an email sent to his account bounced back with an auto-response stating he no longer worked at Tesla.

MacManus' departure comes in the middle of a flurry of other top executives leaving the car company during the end-of-quarter rush. Peter Hochholdinger, senior production manager, left last week to work for a competitor, and Jan Oehmicke, head of European operations left on Tuesday as well.

The past year has seen other top positions leave Tesla.

This change in engineering hands at the company creates a continuous change in strategy. MacManus had only been in the position since March, taking over from Michael Schwekutsch who left the company and the position at that time.

This will add delays in Tesla developments. Musk has been rearing to create a Tesla pickup truck and semi-truck, but without a VP of Engineering, this project may have to sit on the backburner for a little while.

Knowing Musk, though, matters turn around quickly in his innovative and fast-paced company.

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