These 5 Photography Training Courses Are All on Sale

These 5 Photography Training Courses Are All on Sale

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In the age of the smartphone, everyone likes to think of themselves as a professional photographer. But a huge gap exists between even the best selfie-snapper and a true photographer, and these five courses will teach you how to bridge that gap.

1. The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle

MSRP: $818 | Sale Price: $29 (96% off)

With nine courses and 45 hours of training, this bundle will teach you everything from the fundamentals of setting up a shot to the more advanced elements of editing, lighting, and more.

2. The Canon DSLR Photography A-Z Course

MSRP: $199 | Sale Price: $10.99 (94% off)

The famed Canon DSLR is one of the most popular and respected cameras on the market, and this comprehensive course will teach you how to take advantage of every single tool and setting this powerful cam has to offer.

3. The Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle

MSRP: $425 | Sale Price: $29 (93% off)

Shooting outdoors adds a whole new set of challenges to a photographer’s pallet, and this 5-course bundle will teach you how to do everything from taking advantage of natural light to shooting pro-level landscape shots with ease.

4. The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle 2019

MSRP: $1200 | Sale Price: $29 (97% off)

As the world’s most versatile and powerful photo-editing application, Photoshop is a must-have for any serious photographer. This six-course bundle walks you through everything from basic editing skills to the most advanced tricks and tools the program has to offer.

5. The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle

MSRP: $1393 | Sale Price: $35 (97% off)

With seven courses and over 34 hours of instruction, this bundle will teach you how to set up any environment for the perfect shot, incorporate and edit video, capture beautiful aerial scenes, and more.

Prices are subject to change.

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