Become an In-Demand Data Pro with This 17-Course Oracle Bundle

Become an In-Demand Data Pro with This 17-Course Oracle Bundle

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We’re living in the age of big data. Companies ranging from small startups to international conglomerates and spanning virtually every industry are scrambling to hire talented and trained professionals who can gather, manage, and manipulate massive data sets, and they’re paying these pros handsomely for their services.

The Complete Oracle Master Class Bundle will get you up to speed with some of the most valuable and in-demand database management systems in the field, and it’s currently available for over 90% off at just $29.99.

With 17 courses and over 180 hours of content, this bundle will help you build toward a 6-figure career through training that walks you through a wide range of data management platforms.

You’ll learn about both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of Oracle Database, RMAN, Oracle APEX, Toad 12.6 for Oracle, Oracle SOA Suite, PL/SQL and much more—all through hands-on instruction that utilizes real-world examples.

This training will even teach you about common technologies and peripheral platforms like Java and RDBMS, and you’ll earn a valuable certificate of completion when you’re done.

Get the skills and credentials you need in order to thrive in a data-driven world with the Complete Oracle Master Class Bundle for just $29.99—over 90% off for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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